Falling glass incidents dot the news

Popular nationwide Painting technicians - Service Consultant Blog Pages - Falling glass damaged a parked car, and narrowly missed pedestrians on the street. Augusta, GA. The building is currently vacant, and according to the owner, he is in the process of selling the building. Officials from the city’s building department said that they would inspect the rest of the windows in the building for loose window glass. No one was injured in the accident. . Glass from the Marion Building, one of the oldest buildings in downtown Augusta, came crashing down on a parked car, and on the sidewalk below the building. According to witnesses, a glass window was blown from the building on an exceptionally windy day. Let’s take a look at what happened ..More

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Spontaneous glass breakage in tempered glass

Locate professional Painting contractors - Service Call Forums - Because the potential for injury is very high, tempered glass is used in certain applications to reduce the risk of injury. When ordinary glass breaks, it reduces into random shards. When it breaks, it reduces into tiny cubed pieces, and often stays in one piece or several large broken pieces. . These shards are for the most part jagged and sharp. Tempered glass is a safety glass. Spontaneous glass breakage is an uncommon phenomenon, but it does happen ..More

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Glass Cable Car Could Headine Chicago Skyline

Best Local Painting companies - Helpful Articles and details on repair & services - inspections, maintenance, replacements & upgrades - The men also hired consultants from Marks Barsfield, the London architectural firm that designed the London Eye, as well as a host of other metropolitan construction consultants, who all generally agreed that the attraction could be built. . Architectural planning firm Davis Brody Bond has created preliminary drawings of the system ..More

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Glass safety takes center stage

Search and locate residential Painting contractors - Blogs - Faq's - Answers - Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge Volunteers lined the 1,400 meter-long Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon glass bottom bridge, which is nearing its Grand Opening. In addition to suffering abuse by the sledgehammer, the bridge operators drove a 15-ton truck across the span, and allowed 25 brave tourists to jump on the cracked glass panel, all with no ill results. The bridge held the demonstration to prove the safety of the structure, which will open to tourists in July. As the somewhat nervous spectators looked on, one of the bridge’s glass panels was smashed with a sledgehammer, mostly to no avail. The structure is rated to hold 800 tourists at a time. . The top panel of the glass was cracked, but after more than a dozen other blows rained down on the bridge’s surface, the bottom two glass layers of the bridge stayed quite intact ..More

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Iconic Glass Structures: The Botanical Garden of Curitiba

Top 10 Best Painting repair contractors - Repair Company Forums - The greenhouse was designed by architect Abraão Assad, who was inspired by the Crystal Palace in London. The white metalwork serves as a decorative frame for the glass in the greenhouse, creating vibrant geometric patterns. The soaring glass structure is visible from the main entrance, and is situated to catch the rising and setting Sun. The Gardens is on a significant plot of land, and contains a manmade forest dedicated to the region’s native plants. . Even though it is not nearly as large as the Crystal Palace, the greenhouse is impossible to miss! The building consists of a metal and glass structure, with three separate silos ..More

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