Iconic Glass Structures: Louvre Pyramid in Paris

Best Local commercial Painting contractors - Repair Service blogspot - installation & repair - . According to the designer, the Glass Pyramid has 689 glass panels that are shaped either like a rhombus or a triangle. The number of glass panes is controversial. The Museum later corrected the figure to 672. When the Glass Pyramid first opened, official Museum literature and news reports of the time said the piece had 666 panes of glass, a figure that was worked into Dan Brown’s fictional work The Da Vinci Code ..More

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All glass kitchens gain momentum

Search and locate master Painting companies - FAQs - Message Board - Glass is a natural choice for use in the kitchen. Some designers have taken glass in the kitchen to a new level by designing all glass kitchens. . It’s tough, easy to clean, impervious to bacteria, and stands up to harsh cleaners. And while its original form is usually transparent, products like Glassprimer™ glass paint make it possible to add a rainbow of color to glass ..More

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Iconic Glass Structures: The Botanical Garden of Curitiba

10 Best reputed master Painting companies - Advice, Tips, Helpful Blogs - The greenhouse was designed by architect Abraão Assad, who was inspired by the Crystal Palace in London. The white metalwork serves as a decorative frame for the glass in the greenhouse, creating vibrant geometric patterns. . The soaring glass structure is visible from the main entrance, and is situated to catch the rising and setting Sun. The Gardens is on a significant plot of land, and contains a manmade forest dedicated to the region’s native plants. Even though it is not nearly as large as the Crystal Palace, the greenhouse is impossible to miss! The building consists of a metal and glass structure, with three separate silos ..More

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Could glass have a role in concrete?

Find residential Painting contractors - Tips - Service Advice - Repair, Maintenance & installation - Sometimes, people use the words “cement” and “concrete” interchangeably, but in reality, cement is a component of concrete. . Concrete is a combination of aggregate (small stones) and liquid cement that cures or hardens over time. The cement binds the aggregate together and makes what appears to be a uniform surface ..More

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Recycling glass is good for the environment

Best Local residential Painting contractors - Diagnosis & Repair Forums - It’s a higher priority to keep other, more dangerous items out of the landfill, and if the warehouse space can be used for these other, more dangerous materials, then it’s a fair tradeoff. Glass is heavy, and difficult to transport. In addition, container glass needs to be sorted by color prior to recycling. Glass is dangerous, because workers can get cut on broken glass. The rationale for eliminating glass was primarily economic: glass takes up a lot of space in recycling storage facilities that could be used to house other materials. . Finally, when it comes down to it, glass is inert, and can sit in a landfill indefinitely without harming the environment. Recently, we discussed the trend in some major cities to eliminate glass from their curbside recycling programs ..More

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